Masquerade Hairstyles

by Ella on October 22, 2013

Masquerade ball is an event started in late 14th Century as part of the famous event of Carnival season. At the first appearance, masquerade balls were held for aristocracy only, but since 16th Century, Italian promoted masquerade balls as more public celebration, firstly as dance party for upper class society. Not until 18th Century that the usage of mask got popularized, rooted from the popularity in Venice. Until then, masks in masquerade balls are widely associated with Venetian Carnival. This costume party had been becoming popular again in late 20th Century, and by the time, masquerade balls are associated with high class, mysterious, and elegant parties that can be either formal, semi formal, or even casual. But though, the main event of the day should still be the dance. Therefore, like every other dance party, hairstyles are very important since you’ll look different in masquerade. So we will introduce you what we call the masquerade hairstyles.

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Classic and elegant are the keyword for masquerade hairstyles. Going back to the late 14th Century, the classic hairstyle is basically curly. If you have naturally curly hairstyle, simply ponytail your hair loosely, creating sexy messy curly hair that will keep you sultry for the rest of the night. Other hairstyles you might like to try is to make a hairband with doubled braid circling your head fully, leaving the rest of your hair loose, or to create dramatic pompadour, or even go Marie Antoinette. The key of masquerade hairstyles is dramatic and over the top, it is perfect for you the drama queen!

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