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Hairstyles Best for Thick Hair & Oval Face

Thick hair and oval face are two very old best friends. Oval face has been the most versatile face shape of them all and nothing can go wrong with oval face; not wrong accessories, not wrong hair style. But thick hair can flatter your face shape the better and can emphasize your additional accessories too. But be aware, wrongly cut thick hair can be an individual disaster, despite how good they go along together!

Best Hairstyles for Oval Faces and Thick Hair Hairstyles Best for Thick Hair & Oval Face Shoulder length Hairstyles for Thick Hair Face Oval

Long hair with rich layers is perfect to create feminine and sheer look. It will emphasize your face asset in all the right places: cuts in cheek bones to pop up your apples of the cheek, cut in chin to elevate attention to your eggly shape, strengthen the construction of your jaw lines while reducing the round impression away from your face. Texturize your hair to give your face a softer, gentler look.

If you think long hair is just too much, you can cut your hair into the classic bob cut; your oval face will wear it like a pair of perfect gloves. Remember the essential key of nicely executed bob cut: the weight. If you have straight hair, layer the bottom part of your hair to give it a nice texture; if you have wavy thick hair, try to trim it less short for length can add beautiful weight on you.

Or you can even try to be daring and chop off your hair into short cuts. And don’t be afraid; even, short hair is the best hair style for thick hair with oval faces. Fringe and bangs can emphasize the pop of your eyes, and don’t forget to pull off the best of your angles assets: emphasize your cheek bones by pulling your hair in that direction. Use hair products to maintain the control of your hair.